Decorating an Unfinished Basement

If you have an unfinished basement, there may be a wealth of space going to waste in your home. You have to remember that a basement is an entire floor of your house, and as such it can exponentially increase the amount of room you have to make use of your home. Further, this is space that is generally wasted on storage, or completely ignored. This means that any frivolous pursuit that you can think of can be installed in this space, making an unfinished basement the perfect place to play out your dreams.

The first thing that you have to do is clear out the area and make sure that it is neat, tidy, and habitable. Some unfinished basements will suffer from periodic flooding or water damage. If this is the case you will have to take steps to make this area comfortable, and to ensure that anything which you place down there won’t be instantly ruined.

If flooding is an issue, a flood warning detection device is going to be your first line of defense. Place this at whatever point water is most likely to start seeping into the room. This can be coupled with a sub pump to allow you to combat the crisis.

Another effect of moisture in the basement is mold. The presence of mold in a basement can not only be a health hazard to those who actually spend time in the space, it can also be a problem for the entire house, with mold traveling up through windows, stairs, and joints in the house to infect everyone who lives within the home. If you have mold growing in your basement its something you should take care of, whether you choose to inhabit the space or not.

One of the best friends you will have in an unfinished basement is darkness and shadow. Since the walls are generally going to be rough and uncouth, shadow allows you to hide these features, letting the walls recede backwards into the dark. This can be accomplished by using low level mood lighting in discrete places throughout the basement. This allows you to create halos of illumination within the darkness of the space, with the light stretching out across the floor, without actually shining on the walls.

This illuminated basement decorating effect can also be accomplished using a variety of novelty lighting options. Christmas lights can either be trailed along the floor to create pathways through the inky dark, or can be bunched up along a ceiling in order to hide rough cut wooden framing, creating a sea of glowing stars.

Unfinished basement decorating will often consist of hiding the features of the room that are not considered particularly attractive. This can involve stringing cloth, or tapestries along rough concrete walls, or throwing luxurious throw rugs down over solid stone backed flooring. The idea is to create centers of comfort and attractiveness within the space, emphasizing features that you want, and deemphasizing features that you don’t.

One of the best ways to reclaim an unfinished basement is by giving it a theme. There are a variety of themes that can be used, and the good news is that since this space is generally wasted anyways, you can be as indulgent as you like.

One of the most popular themes for an unfinished basement is as a home bar. Building a home bar in your unfinished basement is relatively easy, and the naturally uncouth demeanor of the space will lend itself to a “dive bar” d├ęcor. Once you have an actual counter setup to sit at, compliment it with attractive bottle displays using light to shine through the translucent glass. Couple this with neon signs, and overhanging pub lighting to complete the effect.

Another popular theme in an unfinished basement is “romantic cuddle cove”. While the unfinished rough hewn nature of this space may seem to make it the antithesis of a romantic getaway, you have to remember that this is also a very dark and quiet space, which is removed from the rest of the house, providing it with a copious amount of privacy. Bring in some comfy cushions, some plush rugs, a soft cough, and romantic lighting, and you can turn that dark cave into a place of love and warmth.

Unfinished basement decorating is a matter of using your imagination to overcome the basic inherent limitations of the space. Emphasize decorative pieces that you want people to look at, while drawing the eye away from uncouth unfinished features. In this way you can reclaim your basement as an integral and useful part of your home.

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