Easy Decorating Ideas for the Visually Impaired

It might seem surprising that decorating can is very enjoyable for many people who are visually impaired. Although they might not have perfect vision, they can still appreciate other sensory aspects of decorating and design. Here are some decorating ideas and tips aimed especially at the visually impaired. The ideas below can be altered according to a person’s level of vision.

Decorating Ideas for the Visually Impaired

Color is an enjoyable aspect of decorating for people who have limited eyesight. People who have limited vision may appreciate a décor which is decorated with large areas of color – painting walls in a bold bright color is easy and inexpensive.

Contrast may also be important to people who are visually impaired. Use lights and darks to provide visual stimulus. For instance, try a black and white decorating scheme – don’t make the design too busy, however. People who have limited eyesight can be overwhelmed by a ‘loud’ design scheme just as easily as those with perfect vision!

Texture is another element of home decorating which is especially meaningful for those who are visually impaired. Decorate with lots of interesting textures. For instance, some living room decorating ideas for the visually impaired include shag textured cushions, stones or seashell accents for the coffee table, and soft woollen throws for the sofa.

Some people who have limited vision find reading and other tasks difficult when there is limited light. They will appreciate room décor which maximizes available light. Large windows, mirrors and light fittings can help to make light available. To save energy, choose small lamps placed around the room for reading and other tasks, rather than a single bright light. However, make sure that light switches are large and easily accessed.

Music and other audio input can be very important to people who are visually impaired. A sound system or radio which is easy to access can add life to a room. Recordings by favorite composers or musicians can make an unexpected design accessory. A stereo with large buttons, which is easy to operate, may be the best choice.

For people who are visually impaired, home decorating takes a new spin and becomes multi-sensory. Sound, texture, and color are some of the elements that people who are visually impaired think about when they are decorating their home.

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