Easy Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When it comes to bathroom ideas, there are loads of designs for you to choose from. And in the case of small bathrooms, there are just as many ideas to suit your personal taste.

It is a fallacy that just because you’ve got a small bathroom it has to be cramped and disorganized. There are lots of small bathroom ideas based on designs that intelligently use the available space to the so as to maximize its potential. The alternative to this is the time consuming and expensive option of attempting to make a small bathroom bigger by extending it.

The best small bathroom ideas flow from designs that create a functional and well-designed space, balancing the need to maximize the restricted dimensions with a sense of style. This can be done with some visual tricks and gadgets and fittings that help you to save space. These will make your small bathroom look much bigger and more visually appealing. Small fixtures and deep-set built-ins are ideal for this.

So what are some of the commonest small bathroom ideas?

In the entrance of a small bathroom, rather than fitting a conventional hinged door, why not install one that slides into the wall. You can also have a glass shower screen, a pedestal or wall-hung sink to save space. Another way to save space in a small bathroom is to position the shower in one of the corners. Putting unnecessary things outside the bathroom is also a good way of saving space in a small bathroom.

A neutral color scheme in a small bathroom means you can easily coordinate the flooring, walls, and tiles. If you use lots of different colors in a small bathroom, it is likely to look cramped and smaller than it actually is. You should also match the color of the grout with that of the tiles, the towels and the rugs. The best bathroom colors are lighter ones, as darker shades will also make the space look smaller.

Another good small bathroom idea is to decorate it with plain wallpaper that will give it a clean, modern and sophisticated look.

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