How to Decorate a Bathroom in a Palm Tree Theme on a Budget

Decorating a bathroom will cost money, but that does not mean to say you must spend a small fortune to transform your bathroom into a palm tree themed bathroom. It is still possible to produce a bathroom that will exude character and beauty, but at a fraction of the cost.

Decorating any room in the house will involve calculating an approximate budget so that you can work out what you can reasonably afford to spend on the home improvement project. While some homeowners set aside a weekly amount that will cover the cost of supplies until they can afford to make a start on the home improvement project, others make a single purchase and complete the project within the same day. The key is to work out what fits your budget and to not exceed what you can afford by going into debt to finance a small home improvement project. For example, there are many varieties of palm tree shower curtains on the market. You can choose from vinyl or fabric. Vinyl wipes clean and is generally cheaper, while fabric is machine washable, but costs slightly more.

As with all money saving initiatives, it is important to clearly establish the difference between a need and a want. Make a list of all the supplies you will need to turn the existing bathroom décor into a palm tree themed bathroom. Start with the wallpaper border, palm tree shower curtain, toothbrush holder, curtain rod, soap dispenser and then decide if you really need a palm tree themed toilet brush, decorative towels, a matching rug and a palm tree themed waste paper basket. If you have a small bathroom, buying every item that matches will only make the room look smaller and cluttered, rather than stylish and well thought out. Resisting will also help you to save money on extra items that you do not really need.

If you usually keep the waste paper basket hidden in the cupboard underneath the sink, why go to the trouble of buying a $40 bin to go in the bathroom? In addition, if you already have a beige or light brown coloured bathroom rug in the bathroom that blends in well with the palm tree colour scheme, there is no need to replace it with a new rug unless you have the extra money for it and you feel that it would enhance the palm tree themed bathroom.

It can be fun turning a bathroom into a tropical palm tree themed bathroom complete with palm tree shower curtain, wallpaper border and soap dispenser. But if you want to keep your spending down, sit down and carefully draw up a reasonable budget and then resolve to stick to it, or to save for pricier items that you cannot afford to buy right away. Finally, try to establish the difference between a need and a want and work out whether buying extra bathroom items will clutter or complement your palm tree themed bathroom décor.

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