Valentine’s Day Garland

There are many people who enjoy decorating their homes for Valentine’s Day. One type of decoration to decorate with is Valentine’s Day garland. Valentine’s Day themed garland comes in a few styles and designs. This includes hearts, ribbons, and glitter. The colors of the garland are usually red, pink, and white. Hang the garland on the wall, in the doorway or on the door, in the window, on staircase railing, and even from the ceiling. Valentine’s Day garland looks nice and it is easy to decorate your home with them.

There are a few stores that sell Valentine’s Day garland, which are usually stores that sell holiday and seasonal decorations. The stores to check out include Amazon, Party City, Sears, AC Moore, and eBay. The garland and prices will vary per store, but that are all great for decorating your home for Valentine’s Day!

If you want to decorate your home for this holiday, then here is a small list of the Valentine’s Day garland found on Amazon. You may find similar or exact items in other stores as well.

The Best Valentines Day Garland

Lace Heart 12-foot Garland.

This garland features red hearts with a lace outline. Each heart is connected to the other to make a pretty lace heart garland. This Valentine’s Day garland measures at 12 feet long.

Red Hearts Gleam N Flex 25-foot Garland.

The Red Hearts Gleam N Flex Garland is decorated with red hearts of different sizes. To add a little more variety, there are hearts sticking out of both sides of the garland (some upside down, others right-side up). This Valentine’s Day garland measures at 25 feet long.

Valentine’s Hearts Honeycomb Garland 12′.

This hearts honeycomb styled garland is made out of paper streamer material. It features red and pink hearts of different sizes. This Valentine’s Heart Honeycomb Garland measures at 12 feet long.

12′ Red and Pink Hearts Ribbon Garland.

This ribbon garland features red and pink hearts with glitter on one side. The hearts are attached to a nice pink ribbon. This Valentine’s Day garland measures at 12 feet long.

Valentine Shimmer Garland.

The Valentine Shimmer Garland features red hearts. To add a little fun to it, it also features a red twisted design. You can actually hang this garland from the ceiling. This garland measures at 10 feet long.

Valentine’s Day garland is great when you want to decorate your home for parties, a night in with your special someone, or just for the holiday in general! You can buy as much garland as you would like, to decorate one or two rooms or the entire home! In addition to decorating you home, you can also decorate your classroom, childcare center, and work area with garland for Valentine’s Day! If you already have other Valentine’s Day decorations up, then you can buy garland that matches the rest of the home or area! Decorating for Valentine’s Day is fun, welcoming, and will get everyone ready for the holiday!

When you find the Valentine’s Day garland you like, have a great time decorating your home with it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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